Troy Rampy

Wellbeing Lifestyles™

Wellbeing Lifestyles™ has been a personal labor of love since 1983. It’s been my vehicle for providing information, events, services, products and even travel that enhance wellbeing lifestyles for individuals and organizations.

Though I began in the San Francisco Bay Area, I’m currently located in the historic gold country of the Sierra Nevada foothills near Auburn, California, mid-way between Sacramento and Lake Tahoe. I’m pleased to provide some selected highlights from my work history:

1983 - Established first office in Sonoma County, California.

1985 - Produced the prototype for a health care manual designed for field nurses in Botswana.

1986 - Produced Birthing: Making the Right Choices™, a critically acclaimed multi-audiocassette program providing information for expectant parents.

1987 - Produced the audiocassette program All About SIDS™, at the request of and in conjunction with the National Center for the Prevention of SIDS. (USA Today featured All About SIDS™ in its “Tip for Today" section)

1988 - Published the popular Parents' Resource Catalog™ that was distributed nationally for three years. (USA Today also featured the Parents' Resource Catalog™ in its "Tip for Today" section)

1989 – Co-Founded Ridge Trail Institute a non-profit organization to produce the Men’s Shadow Workshop (based on the Jungian concept of the Shadow) as well as other men’s-oriented events and groups.

1990 to 1993 - Collaborated with overseas partner in Tokyo to develop over 60 audiocassette wellness programs for distribution in Japan.

1992 - Moved offices from the fast track of the Bay Area to the small community of Grass Valley, California.

1993 – Established the Sierra Men’s Center offering events, workshops, and on-going groups for men and women.

1994 - Began producing a number of live seminars, workshops and year-long training programs throughout northern and southern California hosted by top-selling authors and presenters.

1996 - Published my first 24-page, year-long Programs Catalog with 18 live programs offered throughout northern and southern California. Offered my first wilderness program for teens and adults, and my first international travel program: two weeks of sailing the Greek islands.

1998 - Launched the Wellbeing Program™, 12-part weekly live workshop, in Sacramento and the San Francisco Bay Area.

2000 - Partnered with regional CBS-affiliate radio stations to produce the first Sacramento Wellbeing Festival™ at the Sacramento Convention Center. The Festival featured well-known authors, presenters, and entertainers and was supported by 32 corporate and non-profit sponsors.

2001 - After one year of in-depth research, produced the e-learning program Stress Reduction & Personal Renewal™.

2003 – Established first Wellbeing Lifestyles™  website.

2004 - Published the Personal Wellbeing Profile™-- an easy-to-use, next-generation health risk appraisal.

2005 - Based on popular demand, produced the 52-week Wellness Wednesdays™ e-mails as an integral part of my e-learning program and made it available as a separate product.

2006 – Launched online newsletter LifeStream™ to provide wellness information and advocate for sustainability and positive social and cultural change.

2011 – Converted the existing online e-learning program Stress Reduction & Personal Renewal™ into a downloadable eBook The 7 Keys to Eliminating Stress™.

2014 – Moved office 30 miles to historic Auburn, California.

2018 – Launched new website and offered the free 25-question Stress Quiz©.