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I add posts as I am so moved regarding a wide range of topics that are meaningful to me and that I think will be meaningful to you. Some of these topics are related to my programs and other wellbeing themes. Some topics are of broader cultural interest. And some topics are just for fun. I hope you enjoy them!

Finding the Right Exercise for You

You‘ve heard it all before, exercise is very important for overall health and is great for reducing stress. And it‘s true! According to longstanding research, exercise: Reduces cholesterol levels, blood pressure, and risk of disease. Strengthens your cardiovascular and respiratory systems. Improves your circulation, digestion, and immune functioning. Stimulates body chemicals called endorphins, which affect your moods and emotions. Enhances …

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Dealing with Loss and Grief

“Words are like nets – we hope they’ll cover what we mean, but we know they can’t possibly hold that much joy, or grief, or wonder.”  — Jodi Picoult, “Change of Heart”

As I write this post, it’s barely a month since the U.S. presidential election. But already there’s talk in the media about Mitt Romney’s apparent post-election “seclusion”, “malaise” and “boredom” as if these actions constitute some great sin. They are portraying him as the ultimate loser as he retreats to lick his wounds and re-assess his goals and his life. Now, …

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How Important Is Human Touch and Contact?

"A hug is a handshake from the heart." — Anonymous

Ah, summertime, sweet summertime. This summer was especially sweet for me. That’s why I haven’t been writing my blog posts. I was too busy walking my talk by living my own well-being lifestyle. And what exactly was I doing? During the past several weeks, Lynn and I enjoyed two, rousing, 10-day road trips. The first one was to southern California: Big Sur, …

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10 Things We Need to Change in America — Part 2

"My dream is of a place and a time where America will once again be seen as the last best hope of earth." – Abraham Lincoln

Are you ready for the second five? Well okay then. Here we go: 6. Prevalence of Violence. You experience it everywhere: our films, TV programs, computer games, news reporting, misogynistic rap music. You can find it as the basis of our shock culture, youth culture, gun culture. You see it in the way we talk to one another. Think it’s the same …

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10 Things We Need to Change in America –Part 1

“What the people want is very simple. They want an America as good as its promise.”  ~ Barbara Jordan, U.S. House of Representatives

Last year, to commemorate our country’s 235th birthday on 4th of July, I wrote a post entitled “10 Things That Are Right About America”. I liked that piece. And I’ll stand by it today …even though it was uncharacteristically nationalistic of me. That post felt timely in the face of so much national turmoil, political and partisan ballyhoo, and of course the recession. …

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How Important Is It To Tell The Truth?

“All of us contain Music & Truth, but most of us can’t get it out.” — Mark Twain

Okay. Here’s one of my favorite topics. And one I struggle with as much as the next guy. When I was growing up, I had a natural tendency to tell the truth, always. I was brought up with that ethic and it felt quite natural to me. But at some point, as I observed my peers and the adults around me, …

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