Would That It Was Otherwise

"The Darkness Around Us Is Deep" - William E. Stafford

I have never written an unapologetically political post for this site. Today I’m changing that. We all know it. We see it nearly every day. People are beginning to “boil over” in regard to our current political environment. Notwithstanding the financial crisis of 2008, our national psyche and sense of wellbeing have not experienced this much tumult since the late …

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Meditation and the Stories We Tell

We know that stories and story-telling have long been a central focus of human experience. It began with our ancestral forebears. The evolving consciousness of Homo sapiens set us apart from the other animals of pre-history and gave rise to, among other things, cognitive abilities, spoken language and the capacity to imagine. With the capacity to imagine came questions: Who …

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What’s with Climate Change … Really?

“Men argue. Nature acts.”   — Voltaire

Most of us enjoy the fact that we are relatively self reliant. As much as possible, we like being in control of our life. We like knowing that, if we do the right things often enough, there is a greater likelihood that our life will be more enjoyable, more satisfying, more meaningful. But there is one area where we are …

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Eight Tips for Financial Peace of Mind

“Capital as such is not evil; it is its wrong use that is evil.” — Mohandas K. Gandhi

Recent studies show that money is one of the main causes of stress for many people. But then, most of us don’t need researchers to tell us that! Especially, not now. Today, Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke told Congress in his bi-annual report that there are ongoing indications the economy is slowly recovering. However, most of us are still painfully …

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Finding the Right Exercise for You

You‘ve heard it all before, exercise is very important for overall health and is great for reducing stress. And it‘s true! According to longstanding research, exercise: Reduces cholesterol levels, blood pressure, and risk of disease. Strengthens your cardiovascular and respiratory systems. Improves your circulation, digestion, and immune functioning. Stimulates body chemicals called endorphins, which affect your moods and emotions. Enhances …

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