Free Stress Quiz©

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Here's my quick 25-question Stress Quiz©. It takes about two to three minutes to complete. Then get your FREE results immediately.

These questions are based on a thorough review of today's most current research pertaining to stress. For your maximum benefit, please be honest with yourself as you answer these questions.

During the past month, how often has each of the following been true for you?

What your score suggests about your stress level:

100 – 90You‘re making many healthy lifestyle choices and your stress level appears to be well under control. Keep up the good work!
89 – 75You‘re doing well in reducing the stress in your life. Look back over the quiz to identify those areas where you can improve. Then, using the related strategies in this eBook, learn the ways to make your desired changes.
74 – 60This is a classic ―distress zone. That means that you may not be aware of how much stress you‘re actually experiencing or how much it‘s affecting you and the quality of your life. For these reasons, it‘s sometimes considered the most dangerous category. Look back over the quiz to see where you can improve. As soon as possible, begin to reduce your stress levels.
59 – 45Your stress level in certain areas may be bordering on excessive. It is recommended that you begin immediately to take an in-depth look at your overall lifestyle and map out some significant changes related to stress.
44 – 25This category suggests that several areas of your life are quite stressful. If you allow your current habits to persist, you may become a candidate for heart disease or other serious stress-related illnesses. Don‘t wait. Begin now to make the necessary changes toward a healthier lifestyle.