Trump and The Great Auburn Power Outage

Note: This article was originally posted to my FaceBook page on October 22, 2020.

I’m sitting here in Auburn this morning with no Internet, no landline, no cell, and alas … no Alexa! Everything dead. Just silence. Feeling isolated and cut-off.

And it occurs to me, if Russia really wanted to bring us to our knees, this is one way they could do it: simply immobilize our personal communications.

Or have they found a better way?

According to top U.S. intelligence agencies, the Russians and Iranians are manipulating our current election even as I write this. Just like 2016. They are undercutting the one thing that truly makes us great … our democratic process. They want to manipulate this election in favor of Trump.

But why? No, I mean really, why would they work so hard to do that?

Well, it certainly seems it’s in their best interest. They know that Trump in the White House is one of the biggest advantages they could have over us. They trust he will continue to erode our democratic institutions, trade relationships, relationships with allies, our over-all standing in the world, our sense of meaningful accomplishment, our basic can-do attitude and more.

He’s already gone a long way toward turning Americans against one another by ramping up the volume on discord, mistrust, anger and even self hatred. By many accounts, it hasn’t been this toxic between us since the Civil War. Just think what he could do in four more years … or 12 more as he’s threatened in his rallies. Yikes!

We all know that Trump is a pathological liar and he cheats … at everything! He’s shallow, uncaring and uninterested in anything that isn’t about him. According to reports from his inner circle, he doesn’t read official daily briefings and he’s an inept leader.

Just look at how he’s “led” us in response to the COVID-19 crisis., a site that monitors relevant data and recommends areas of the world that are most appealing, lists the U.S. as the “worst country in the world” in terms of it’s coronavirus response. And it looks as if we are headed into another record wave of COVID-19 cases now and continuing through the winter.

In addition, he’s pulled us out of meaningful peace negotiations and strategic alliances, as well as organizations dealing with environmental recovery and stabilization. He denigrates women, Gays, African Americans, people with handicaps, and our fallen military who he calls, “losers”. He has turned on nearly everyone he’s worked with and you just have to know he’ll turn on you, if it benefits him or his ego. And that’s only the beginning.

A full list of his lies, ineptitudes, leadership failings, criminal dealings, failings at domestic and foreign policy, inability to foster cooperation and working toward common goals, etc., etc., etc. would be just too long to bear.

If you DON’T believe any of this, turn off the disinformation from FOX News for a few minutes. Instead, tune into trusted and venerated foreign news sources like the BBC and others who are outside the U.S. media bubble. The reports are all consistent. Trump is the worst thing to hit this country since The Great Depression and WWII. That’s not hype. What you’ll read and hear is that, for four years, people around the world have “pitied” us. That is, when they’re not laughing at us.

More and more top-level Republicans are saying the same thing. They’re resigning, writing books and articles about him and going on record to denounce this toxic criminal and buffoon. Biden may not be perfect, but he is way, way better than the alternative. And he will go a long way toward righting our swamped Ship of State.

If, after everything, you are still planning to vote for Trump as a way to put your thumb in the eye of “elites” and the “establishment”, or if you make over $400,000 a year and figure there might be some future tax advantages for the rich and that a few dollars of tax savings is worth seeing your country go to hell, then bless you … and our country. We’ll all need it!

You don’t have to be a pundit to see that If Trump is re-elected, the next four years will be an utter disaster for this country. Utter. Disaster. Read it again: Utter Disaster!
Our lives, our lifestyles, our pandemic-addled country likely will be mere shells of what they are today. Our bitter in-fighting will probably increase. We are likely to lose Medicare, Social Security and medical insurance for millions of Americans.
As in every dictatorial nation you will be told what to do, what to think, who you can support and who you can’t. Your life will never be the same again. You know, someplace deep inside yourself, this is true.
So what are you going to do, Bucko?

If you’ve read this far, thank you! I don’t often go on such a rant. But this is an exceptionally important election. As has been said by several others, the fate of our great American experiment may depend on it. And besides, I have a little extra time this morning with very few distractions.

Oh yeah, the power outage? It is a big deal covering a large area in Placer County. But they’ll get it fixed. Just like we’ll get this criminal-dictator issue fixed.

In the meantime, much love to all of you … Troy

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